Area of Focus

In keeping with its objective of empowering previously disadvantaged groups Kaborona has partnered with 100% black owned and managed firms and black property professionals in the development of its property portfolio.

Kaborona has assembled a strong team with a solid technical financial and operational expertise and a credible track record in the development and provision of office residential and student accommodation and residential accommodation in South Africa.

Kaborona has assembled a multi-disciplinary property team capable of delivering the following:

  • property development (including debt fund raising);
  • project management;
  • construction;
  • property ownership; and
  • facilities management.
  • Our vision of being the largest South African supplier of anthracitic products for both the local and international markets by 2025 (“Vision 2025”), is at the core of our strategic outlook.
  • Vision 2025 is backed by our motto “Ha Kuna Ku Cheza”, a Swahili phrase which means “There is no time to play”. This is further backed by a young, black professional and technical team with vast mining industry experience.
  • Our strategy revolves around simultaneously executing mining permits and prospecting rights for different assets.
  • Kaborona has established a full-stack technology organisation focusing in consulting and advisory, workforce augmentation, impact-driven innovation, and IT-focused enterprise development programmes.
  • Our philosophy is to use technology and innovation to level the playing field a nd meaningfully impact our community.

“The best investment on earth is earth.”

Louis Glickman